Desktop Virtualization

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····Desktop Virtualization

Today’s computing environment requires IT departments to address end user device management challenges more than ever. Users are increasingly demanding access to their applications and data anywhere and from any device. While these trends are making employees more productive, they are causing new challenges for IT departments. New form factors, network dispersion,and increased mobility result in greater complexity and higher pressures on cost control. Furthermore, the proliferation of end-point devices has increased data theft risks and failure to protect this data can lead to significant punitive consequences and a negative impact to the organization’s reputation.

is the act of decoupling the different computing layers and storing some or all of them in a data center. Several forms of can help organizations satisfy users’ needs for mobility and flexibility, while relieving pressure on Information Technology (IT) departments to manage cost, security, and compliance. Additionally, can enable more dynamic centralized management by separating the elements of the traditional desktop computing stack.

However, Desktop Virtualization is a strategic decision and involves multiple stakeholders. With all the hype around Desktop Virtualization, Virtual Desktop Infrastructure () and Application Virtualization, organizations are unsure of the best path forward. There are many questions which need to be answered before an enterprise can embark on the Desktop Virtualization adoption journey

RAJ Tech’s Desktop Virtualization Services Suite assists enterprises by addressing these challenges at various stages.

RAJ Tech’s Desktop Virtualization Services Suite

RAJ Tech  understands the impact that Desktop and Application Virtualization solutions can have on the entire IT ecosystem. Ensuring that each element of the ecosystem is optimized to support these solutions is essential for a successful adoption.

Business Value Assessment Service

RAJ Tech’s Desktop Virtualization Business Value Assessment Service is your definitive guide to transform your enterprise desktop infrastructure.

This service provides a holistic approach towards desktop virtualization adoption. RAJ Tech will assess the current state of enterprise’s IT, monitor the usage of selected user group and applications and analyze the operational readiness of enterprise for adopting desktop virtualization. Based on these findings, a detailed business justification, a customized design and deployment strategy will be developed to expedite guided investments for desktop virtualization adoption.

The service is comprised of the following three components:

  • Awareness Workshop: This Workshop is aimed to create a common understanding of the areas of Desktop Virtualization environment, needs and benefits, briefing of available solutions and key technologies, various use cases and references. This also helps in understanding best practice approach to move towards virtual environment through Desktop Virtualization Implementation
  • Assessment: This component is the core of the service offering. This aims to help client build a business justification for their desktop virtualization adoption, identify readiness state for a desktop virtualization solution aligned to its business needs & IT objectives and also to provide a high-level roadmap to achieve this.
  • Board Room Pilot: This component aims to help client validate the effectiveness of recommended desktop virtualization solution by carrying out a Proof-of-Concept test.

By using this service, enterprises benefit in the following ways:

  • Understand the readiness state of existing desktop infrastructure
  • Understand the impact of desktop virtualization on the organization
  • Understand the business case and ROI for a desktop virtualization initiative
  • Obtain a high level design road map for implementation

Design & Build Service
Once the assessment is completed and the business case is approved for the Desktop Virtualization initiative, enterprises need to design an optimal virtual desktop environment. The design would vary based on whether the requirement is enterprise-wide or for specific functions or specific geographies. This phase is critical, as the design of the to-be environment needs to be optimal without compromising on performance and end-user productivity. The build phase needs to be efficient and project managed well to ensure timely roll-out of the solution and proper deployment of the designed solution.

Our design & build service consists of the following components:

  • Solution Design
  • Implementation

Managed Service
Management of virtualized desktops requires a comprehensive & flexible operations management model. RAJ Tech’s Management Service provides a seamless framework to manage the complex aspects of a virtualized desktop environment.

Salient aspects of RAJ Tech’s Virtual Desktop Environment Management Service are:

  • Comprehensive operations framework for managing back-end infrastructure, technology platform & services
  • Focus on user experience, all round support & quick turn around
  • Automated provisioning & reclamation of desktop/application for quick turnaround
  • Quick deployment of OS images, patches & security settings
  • Best-in-class management tools for proactive infrastructure management to increase user productivity
  • Infrastructure & service management best practices for efficient service delivery

RAJ Tech addresses the above aspects holistically with its best-in-class operations framework. The ongoing service provides a seamless, flexible & optimized virtualized desktop environment.

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