How We Do

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··How We Do

What if a IT Services company worked this way? What would it look to like to worry more about helping our clients and friends get what they want and less time worrying about our own bottom line? What would it look like to build relationships instead of contacts? What would it look like to solve problems and provide solutions instead of just completing projects?

At RAJ Technologies we do more than just providing our services.  We follow standard process focused on creating services that meet your goals and advances your business.

ASSESSMENT : During this phase RAJ Technologies will work with you to think through the critical questions that will be the key focus areas. Here RAJ Technologies  will assess  & understand

  • What is the infrastructure size?
  • What is the critical business driver?
  • What needs to be taken care the maximum to ensure seamless service delivery?
  • What are the risks?

These answers will give us inputs for the planning phase.

PLANNING : Now that we have understanding of what we are trying to address and implement, it is time to plan it. Here we will plan the following :

  • What are the prerequisites of the project?
  • What is the sequence of activities and user groups we will attend to?
  • What is the Bill of Materials?

Now that we have the plan together, we will begin with the design of the to be infrastructure.

DESIGN : Now that the plan is ready and approved, we will proceed with the design of the infrastructure and define the configuration to standardize the deployment. Test cases will be defined for infrastructure testing to ensure everything is inline with the Assessment, Plan & Design.

DEPLOYMENT : Based on the design the deployment will commence as per the defined specifications.

TESTING & PILOT : Once the infrastructure is ready, testing is done on test users and based on the success of testing we move on to test the pilot batch of users. Once the tests are successful and results are inline with the design, we would be moving on to roll-out the infrastructure to the rest of the use population.

PRODUCTION ROLL-OUT : Here the infrastructure will be rolled out to the remaining user population.

HAND OVER :  In this phase Admin training will be done to the support team to ensure they can take over from the project team seamlessly and support the infrastructure without any impact.

For a  engagement Assessment and Plan phases stay the same. Thereafter we engage into the following phases:

SERVICE TRANSITION : Here we work with the existing support team to understand the existing processes and infrastructure. Then work for an agreed period under the existing support team to ensure we are doing and capturing the right things. The reporting mechanisms are defined and agreed. Once both sides are comfortable, we move towards the next phase.

GO LIVE or BUSINESS AS USUAL : Here based on the agreed metrics and mechanisms the support is provided to the customer. These are packaged in daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly activities, and the data flow happens between the customer and RAJ TECHNOLOGIES.