Managed Messaging

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····Managed Messaging

Email is a critical business enabler and an enterprise application that demands 100% availability. However consistent email growth continues to impact design, infrastructure & operations. This coupled with regulatory, compliance and security issues affects data retention and discovery needs.

A typical  infrastructure is a multi-product environment and in some cases involves hybrid models where some email components are in the cloud while core setup stays in the premise. Such heterogeneous setups need specialized skills to manage and ensure continuous uptime.

RAJ Tech’s Managed Messaging Services helps organizations ensure that work effectiveness continues grow despite increasing growth in email volumes through a standardized global messaging operation service with zero data and productivity loss.

RAJ Tech’s Managed Messaging service follows a full ecosystem management based approach that allows end-to-end ownership of operations management of the messaging landscape. This coupled with mature 3rd party vendor management processes, technology & knowledge frameworks and SLA based operations ensures 100% availability of your email infrastructure coupled with continuous process improvements.