Windows Migration

Windows 7 Migration

The impact of Windows 7 is inevitable for organization’s desktop strategy. As Microsoft Windows XP operating system is already end of life, it is critical for organization’s to start planning Windows 7 migration sooner than later.

The critical challenge in Windows 7 migration is the portability of the desktop application portfolio on to Windows 7 environment and adoption of latest tools and best practices which helps reduce the of TCO for per node migration.

RAJ Tech helps you unleash a Windows 7 migration strategy that not only allows a seamless migration to Windows 7 but also creates an optimized virtual desktop and application environment thus making it true workplace of the future. To help enterprises transition to Windows 7,  RAJ Tech offers a complete set of Windows 7 Migration Services covering Strategic Assessment, Windows 7 Remediation and Migration Service.

RAJ Tech follows a tools-driven approach for Windows 7 Remediation thus reducing overall compatibility assessment timeline and project costs, offering customers an accurate perspective on the application compatibility challenges faced during Windows 7 migration.

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IT Transformation Services

With the typical enterprise today spanning multiple geographic locations, containing various platforms and different decision making authorities, it is an ever-growing challenge for the CIOs to make the most out of every dollar in IT Budget. RAJ Technologies provides IT Transformation Services by leveraging its experience with variety of customers and industry aligned best practices. RAJ Technologies offers:

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