Windows Migration

Windows 8 Migration

RAJ Tech strongly believes the future trends in end user computing will move away from traditional end user device management to end user management and enhancing end user experience. This can be enabled by ensuring the corporate user gets access to the enterprise IT resources and LOB applications from anywhere and using any end point devices or desktop operating system. Transition from Windows XP to Windows 7 / provides an opportunity to enterprise IT teams to build a core IT infrastructure platform to provide a complete virtual, on-demand end user workspace environment for richer end user experience and mobility.

Microsoft Windows 7 upgrade from Windows XP desktop operating system has off-late gained the momentum across enterprise verticals. Most of the organizations are in the midst of Windows 7 migration or in the high-level readiness state of desktop operating system platform upgrade. However with the launch of Windows 8 operating system,  enterprises are in a dilemma on whether to continue with Windows 7 migration path or draw a plan for direct upgrade to Windows 8.

With Windows 8 services, RAJ Tech is keen to partner with enterprises in transforming enterprise end user computing environment. RAJ Tech’s   Windows 8 service portfolio will help organizations to build a strategy from a business perspective. It will also help in developing a roadmap that will build on the effort and investments made-in Windows 7 migration by leveraging the existing core IT infrastructure.

Microsoft Windows 8 has exciting features such as Tiles applications, Windows To Go (WTG), and enhanced security & features over Windows 7. Microsoft Windows 8 will be the 1st client operating system that will have common end user interface across various end user devices such as desktops, laptops, tablets and smartphones.

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